Barbara rebelo

Barbara has been tattooing for five years, and opened Sainthood in February 2016, after working at the reputable The Tattoo Company in Wilmslow. She has guested in Germany, Scotland, Portugal, London, California, Texas and New York.

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Tom Minns

Tom has been tattooing for four years. He specialises in New Traditional, although he is able to cater for most styles. He often guests all over the UK and has worked numerous conventions where he has received awards for his New Traditional work.

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Tim has been tattooing for eight years, likes long walks on the beach, and specialises in bold and strong traditional pieces rooted in tattoo history and bound to last through the ages. The best kind if you ask us.

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Sophia joined Sainthood in March 2016. She is especially into fine line traditional, but welcomes most styles. She also paints beautiful pieces available for purchase.

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JAde cash / apprentice

Jade has been apprenticing with Barb since October 2015. She has a predilection for Japanese iconography and bold traditional pieces, but welcomes most tattoo styles. Her lines are clean, her designs are mean.

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Walk-ins are usually available for small pieces. For bigger pieces or if you want to secure a specific time/date we advise booking, preferably with a couple of weeks notice. To make a booking you need to come by the studio, email or call us on 01482218088. You will be required to leave a deposit of £20 (£40 for full day appointments) which secures your booking and is deducted from the final price of the tattoo. If you book over phone or email you can pay the deposit through PayPal to Deposits are non-refundable.

Quotes can only be given over email or in person at the studio.